Alan B. Brisbon

alan_standingAlan B. Brisbon is a forerunner in the industry of leadership training as a fully certified coach incorporating years of business experience, advanced communication and passion for corporate- and self-empowerment. Alan developed Emerging Your Signature Presence Coaching, a powerful coaching system that actively engages clients, causing fulfillment in their professional and personal lives through creating, embodying, and leading from their unique personal brand.

Marked by outstanding contributions and a passion for leadership, Alan’s career is a series of recognitions, breakthroughs and accomplishments. For 18 years, Alan worked with such world-class organizations as Levi Strauss & Co., Kaiser Permanente, Freddie Mac, as well as the Department of Defense. By designing and leading strategic change initiatives and projects as a technical project manager, program manager, IT/business relationship manager, business process designer, and information architect, Alan truly lived his personal brand.

In addition to his professional credentials, Alan attended the Graduate School of Professional Psychology at John F. Kennedy University in California, as well as a certification in NLP and leadership development, and a BS in Management Science from Virginia tech.

An active member of the San Francisco community, Alan serves on the board of Effective Influence, an organization providing cross-cultural communications training and utilizing methodologies developed at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business and National Training Labs (NTL). Alan facilitates an Interpersonal Dynamics course at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business, focusing on influential communication, giving feedback, adapting from feedback, and emotional/social intelligence.

Based in San Francisco and Vancouver, Alan works with clients from around the globe both in-person and remotely, via the internet and by phone

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