Signature Presence Coaching

Do you have a particular idea of what a leader looks like, how a leader behaves? While many people have a preconceived notion of what a leader is, the truth is that there are many types of leaders. In fact, your leadership presence is as uniquely different as your signature. Anyone can be a leader regardless of position, and each of us has our own innate and unique leadership presence.

So, how to cultivate and draw forth that style, grow that capacity? One way is through a process developed by Alan Brisbon called Signature Presence Coaching. Signature Presence Coaching is comprised of four phases, and it’s designed to move you to a place where you’re fully aware of the following:

  1. What you offer that gives you the most leverage.
  2. How to achieve your desired outcomes regardless of circumstance.
  3. What it takes for you to embody the strongest possible leadership.
  4. How to present yourself to the world with credibility, influence and impact.


Alan Brisbon’s strength as a coach lies in his ability to lead clients powerfully and with assurance, as they discover and develop their own leadership presence, or personal brand, and emerge as confident, prepared leaders in the world.

Signature Presence Coaching is a 12-week course that is highly structured while being flexible to allow for creativity. It is a client-driven course, which means that the direction of the course is informed by the client’s unique situation, goals and aspirations.

Both individual and group coaching is offered. Contact Alan to find out more and to discover which is right for you.

The weekly sessions occur over the telephone and last from 45 minutes to an hour. This applies for both individual coaching and group coaching.

Signature Presence Coaching is divided into four phases. By the end of each phase, the client will have achieved particular outcomes.

Outcomes of the Four Phases

Phase 1: Focus
Outcomes: Clients will gain empowering perspective on opportunities to positively influence their circumstances and impact their environments.  Through assessments, reflection and feedback they will become more resourceful by shedding light on blind spots, highlighting strengths and identifying development opportunities.  The result will be a declaration of the Signature Presence to embody .

Phase 2: Intend
Outcomes: Clients will know exactly what they want to achieve in their career over the next 2-3 years, and will also know exactly what they wish to gain from the coaching engagement. Further, they will have specific, quantifiable goals set for themselves for the next 9 weeks. These goals will be ones that directly support and lead to their long-term goals.

Phase 3: Resolve
Outcomes: During this phase, clients create structures, practices and get feedback as they get into action and bring forth their newly leveraged Signature Presence in powerful ways. By the end of this phase, the client will practiced and refined leveraging their Signature Presence in real areas of their work life.  .

Phase 4: Emerge
Outcomes: Clients have has learned to reintroduce themselves to the world in such a way that people see them for who they have become, not who they once were. Clients will have taken action, while consistently embodying their Signature Presence, on a self-selected personal “project” to advance their goals and aspirations.

You can benefit from Signature Coaching if you wish to achieve any of the following:

• Reshape your image in an existing organization
• Create a powerful brand for yourself as you enter a new situation
• Remain relevant in a competitive job market
• Shift industries, organizations or careers
• Get from one level to the next in your primary endeavor
• Develop the power and capacity to overcome any experience of a “glass ceiling”
• Make an impact you know in your heart you’re capable of but aren’t clear or confident on how to make happen

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