Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching — for leaders who are ready to operate at the next level.

Ready to up your game?

Executives are in a lot of ways expected to be super human. They push themselves a lot AND understand that they themselves need to be pushed. If you’re an executive who is willing to get pushed passed your comfort zone when and where necessary, then this coaching is for you.

One hour a week. One month at a time.
Retain Coach Coop on a monthly basis.

Together you’ll work with Executive Coach Michael “Coop” Cooper to:

  • Identify and get around blocks that are in the way.
  • Get lots more done with fewer issues by handling the source of your issues, rather than the symptoms.
  • Thrive in any situation by focusing on core aspects, rather than the always-urgent crises.

You’ll identify and examine numerous factors, including:

  • Hidden Strengths
  • Blind-spots
  • Intense Pressures
  • Blocks
  • Feelings of Vulnerability
  • Habitual Responses
  • Conditioned Thinking
  • Underlying Assumptions

You’ll learn new skills and techniques in many areas, including:

  • Problem-solving
  • Negotiations
  • Leading by Example
  • Interpersonal Dynamics
  • Navigating the Unknown
  • Personal Development
  • Core Dynamics of Human Conditioning

More about Coop and Executive Coaching

Coop coaches, counsels and advises executives on how to thrive in any situation. He helps leaders get crystal-clear on how to move past issues that threaten to slow their progress. Coop’s particular strength as a coach lies in his ability to quickly go below the surface and help clients access important things that are hidden from them, such as unknown strengths, needs and desires.

Coop’s clients achieve benefits ranging from increased productivity to greater employee satisfaction to doubled revenues. They also get very clear on their own personal significance and social responsibility.

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