Influencing & Inspiring Performance

Influencing & Inspiring Performance

“Leadership is based on inspiration, not domination; on cooperation, not intimidation.” –William Arthur Wood

Workforce needs and shifting markets require leaders to be more influential and inspiring than ever before. Yet, what you do as a leader may not be as important as how you impact others when trying to influence or inspire them.

This workshop explores your impact on others when you use Authority, Persuasion, Influence or Inspiration and when each is most appropriate given your desired outcomes.

How You Will Benefit

  • Determine when to use Authority, Persuasion, Influence or Inspiration based on the desired outcome of the project or task.
  • Improve collaboration, elicit ideas, trigger motivation and harness people’s innate creativity.
  • Leverage empathy, rapport and stronger relationships to get work done.

Workshop Outline

  1. On Being
    • Doing vs. Being + Doing
    • Exploring Ways of Being Great Leaders
    • Shifting Your Employees Perceptions of You
    • Creating Exceptional Experiences
  2. On Leading
    • Framing Leadership
    • Exploring What Employees Really Want from Work
    • Exploring the Power Continuum
    • Push vs. Pull Energy
  3. How to Influence Others
  4. How to Inspire Others
  5. How to Collaborate with Your Employees for Ongoing Performance

Who Should Attend
Executives, directors, managers, team leaders and other business professionals who are required to get work done through others.

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